The IndieGogo Campaign. My Funding Experience to Date/Networking


During the pre-production stages of my FMP, I had decided to go forward with a crowdfunding campaign in order to raise money for my film.  This was a great way to sell myself and promote my ideas.  I have gained a lot of support by sharing my experiences with people through the use of Facebook and Instagram.

Crowdfunding is a great way of raising funds for an individual project, which is why I wanted to see how it would go for me.  I had nothing to lose (except time), and it was a good promotional tool.

My main strategy was just to give people an overview of the project, but also provide a personal take on the whole experience, kind of like how I plan for the film to be.  Knowing that people are aware of what I am doing encourages me to produce something worth waiting for.

In just over 3 weeks of the page being live, I raise £225 out of my optimistic £1000 goal.  Personally, I am happy with this because it genuinely does help.  It also shows that people are willing to give to a project that has a good cause.  This encourages me to work on more projects and crowd fund on a more professionally developed scale in the future.

Overall, this experience has taught me how to sell myself and my ideas in a way that make people interested.  I have successfully raised funds for a small project by using what I have access to on the Internet.

Result of the Campaign


A day or so after the campaign went live, I received a message from a follower on Instagram saying he’d love to work on the music for my film.  This was great because I actually really want to have some strong music on my piece.  Working with him would be awesome as he has a unique, soulful sound that I can appreciate.  I also think that his style also has compatibility with the nature of my film and its themes.

The positive feedback from him about my film was also a boost.  To know that someone is supporting my work and its cause is always uplifting.


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