My First Lone Trip. Shooting in Los Angeles

I have recently arrived back from L.A. from filming my explorative documentary.  The experience as a whole, from the impulsive booking of my flights, to panicking about how I was going to afford to survive there as well as stay alive all alone in America was pretty awesome.

The self development journey that I have been on has definitely been leading to the trip, and I have also gained a lot of professional insight into the industry.  After a lot of failed attempts to make interviews with my targets, I began to think whether going alone was the right decision to make.  Regardless, I knew that it was and that I needed to go and do this.

From the crowdfunding process to going into an unknown territory where violence resides and asking interesting looking strangers questions about their current circumstances, I have seen first hand how much it takes for a documentary filmmaker.  The difficulty of doing it alone led me to take a more reflective approach, which was originally one of the main ideas of my filming process.

Meeting with a well established photographer from the area, sharing experiences and creating new networks has also encouraged me to continue doing so over here in the U.K and all over the world.

Before deciding to do this, I was unsure as to what I wanted to do with my career.  I still don’t have the whole answer.  However this journey has allowed me to open my mind and think more about how I can integrate myself within the creative community and make myself known.

I hope that The California Project can mark the beginning of this journey for me.  Below are a few unedited snaps from my first ay downtown visiting MacArthur Park.



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