Future Thinking: How am I going to specialise in Documentary Production? My Career Path

Independent Filmmaking/Freelancing 

After leaving University, I plan to continue with my own film and photography projects in order to create a broader portfolio of my own individual work.  I believe this will help me strengthen my name and my brand.  The last year in Coventry have really allowed me to begun understanding my style, and what it is I aspire to produce with my work.

In terms of documentary, I want to travel and explore issues that are interesting and important to me.  For example, going to Los Angeles looking for an insight into the race issues I hear about so often.  I did find problems with race.  But I also found so much more, around me and within myself that I really did not expect to find.

To see the world through my lens, and have the power to execute it in various ways, shapes and forms whilst communicating many messages to my audiences intrigues me.  Through my films I aspire to achieve greatness for myself, and those who watch and understand my work.  It is simple to provide an audience with something they have seen before, or what they often enjoy.  However, as a filmmaker I believe we have the ability to start challenging people’s perceptions of the world we live in through powerful and meaningful art.


Of course there must be a way that I can fund this filmmaking lifestyle, and although I plan to make films with low costs, without the facilities provided at university the expenses will still be significant.

It wouldn’t be wise to leave university and try and become a freelancer.  Which is why I have researched some of the positions that I could be applying for in just a few weeks time.

The end goal from all of this is to work with myself, making films with a trusted team.

Career, Role/Position

I will begin applying for roles that will stimulate my creative thinking, as well as have the means to explore and improve technical skills such as editing.  I would also like to be able to apply my cinematography skills within my work role.

Despite this, I could also see myself diving into a research assistant role or something similar.

I do believe that these roles will take time away from my own productions, however I understand that this may be the best route for my financial and professional needs.  Therefore seeking a graduate role is what I will be doing.

Video Editor/ Videographer.  22k-26k (depending on experience)

Skills Required:
” Essentials
Camera Experience shooting on DSLR e.g. Nikon/Canon – examples required
Fluent in Premiere Pro / editing software (Specifically with basic motion graphic editing)
Must have a ranged sense of humour, be funny / creative / in tune with social media platforms and ‘online’ trends, jokes, memes etc.
Must keep up to date with pop culture (film, music, tv etc.)
Examples of previous mashup / creative found footage projects
Non-Essentials (Preferred)
After Effects / Advanced animation experience
Professional level camera operation
Experience of online social platform/channel management (e.g. Youtube Channel)
Sound design / Sound recording on film/TV set”

The skills needed for this role in particular are a good way to continue being technical in a work environment.  I believe that upon leaving university, I will be in a position to meet this criteria.  I have experience with all of the skills required to do this role.  As mentioned before I think something like this will be a good way to get into the real world, network and make money for my future ventures.

Research Assistant.  FLAME. 22k-24k.

This role is part-time, only two days a week which is a great way to balance my own projects with work.  This research role requires candidates to work only two days a week.

“The Research Group for Film, Languages And Media in Education (FLAME) https://www2.mmu.ac.uk/languages/flame/ is committed to the research and knowledge transfer of studies in the area of pedagogy of languages through film and related media.
The ideal candidate will be an enthusiastic individual who is innovative and research active in Languages, Applied Linguistics, EFL or closely related area. Furthermore the applicant will cherish a positive ‘can do’ attitude; will be adaptable and able to operate equally well both independently, and as part of a wider team in research settings.
The successful candidate will effectively and enthusiastically support the development of current and new areas in the field of the Centre’s public engagement and knowledge exchange activities.”

As a documentary filmmaker, I have a love/hate relationship with the gruelling, never ending process of research.  Doing something like assisting a research project would really remind me of what it is I love doing, learning and growing.  Although with this job I am likely to be working in a pretty controlled environment, I will be given a brief and then the freedom to gain “…research and knowledge exchange activity in the areas of Pedagogy, Languages, Film and Media”.

The theoretical elements that a position like has is very appealing to me and I would be encouraged to apply.


The Guardian Jobs (2017). Graduate Fast Track [online] Available at: https://jobs.theguardian.com/job/6482864/video-editor-videographer-london/?LinkSource=PremiumListing [Accessed 1 Apr. 2017].

Flame Research Group (2017). Manchester Metropolitan University. [online] Available at: https://www2.mmu.ac.uk/languages/flame/ [Accessed 5 Apr. 2017].


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