Film School. Exploring all Possible Post-Graduate Options

Another postgraduate option for me is film school.  I have already decided I want to specialise in documentary, and whilst my BA in Media Production has allowed me to find that passion, I have not been able to focus my studies solely on this form of media.

Doing a Masters Degree at a film school would be something that I could really see myself benefitting from in terms of my personal development and career prospects.

As mentioned in my previous post, I aim to travel to different countries and cities in order to get my content for future films.  If i were to take a Masters, I think going abroad would be a great opportunity for many reasons.

  • Networking on a global scale.  Meeting people from different walks of life.  This is very important to me as I want to hear people’s stories, views and takes on life and issues in society.  Cultural diversity is something that has always intrigued me, but more so now with my involvement in filmmaking.
  • Being able to get consistent content/document a journey, a new cultural experience.  This experience would become a documentary in itself.  I appreciate and try to practise the art of capturing real life through film.  My journey to Germany, Barcelona or the States for example to complete a course could open a lot of doors for my independent filmmaking career.
  • Gaining real theoretical and practical knowledge into documentary filmmaking.  This includes the historical influences and theories which have shaped everything that we produce and consume today.  I know that further education will allow me to become more confident in what I do, and possible take me further in terms of the complexity of my work.

I have also taken into consideration that a lot of money and a lot of dedication is needed for this, so will give myself a few months to decide if I’d be prepared to go forward with the application process.  In the meantime though, I will be applying for job roles in the U.K.



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