Learning Adobe Photoshop Lightroom: A Quick Look

My experience with Lightroom only really began after Berlin.  I had tried out out before and really given up, but I think that’s because my photos weren’t that great at those stages.  But after my trip I was super excited to get back and see what I could do with the 100’s of photos I had taken.

I really enjoyed playing with the colours, the mood, feel and overall tone of the photographs I had taken.  Once I began getting good composition in my frames, I began becoming more confident that my photos were visually pleasing as well as interesting.

The option to isolate certain colours and tones, and bring out an element of your choice is a valuable tool to making photos look more vibrant and colourful, or less colourful.  This has allowed me to inject meaning into some of the shots, as well as find my own style and consistency.  I began editing photos from Berlin very colourfully, however after a few edits I began to realise I prefer more subtle shades, with spots of brightness.  Below are some examples.

This encouraged me to begin editing differently (see below).


I will be looking forward to my further development in editing my photos, and maybe others.  California will be a place filled with amazing views and I’m excited to see what I can do with a camera and my surroundings.

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