A Personal & Professional Choice: Documentary & Photography

I have known for a while now that I want to make documentary films, although I didn’t really know exactly what impact I wanted to make.  But over time I have realised that I want my films not necessarily to make sense to everyone, because what I produce will not be loved and understood by all, but to leave people thinking about something that they would not usually think about or pay attention to.

I think this is why I love the Derive idea so much, being able to walk around with a camera and just capture everything that I see around me is therapeutic, and I find myself attaching words and meanings to these images going back over them during the editing stage.  This is one of the characteristics of the film I am about to make, and hopefully during future projects.

I also enjoy creating my own style, my own take on something that is happening, has taken place or is about to take place.

My interest in the issue of segregation and how society plays on indescrepencies such as racism, police brutality, inequalities seen on an institutional scale.  Topics such as these are what have inspired me as a filmmaker.  I believe that we as young filmmakers have the ability tome change somehow.

Gathering another perspective on life can never let you lose.


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