My Professional Journey so Far

From almost having no clue what I was doing here in first year, to now, a pretty confident documentary filmmaker my professional journey has definitely begun, and as an aspiring freelancer, I will be going to California in March to film my first independent documentary.  This is a huge step for me.  Why?

  1.  I have never made a documentary single handedly, having previously worked in small groups.  The topic I have chosen has taken a considerable amount of research and deliberation prior to my final decision, and this is one of the reasons I believe that my project is doable.
  2. My interest in documentary has been with me since the beginning of the course, but my realisation of how much I love it has only really begun to creep up on me within the past year or so.  This has allowed me to begin thinking about what career steps I can consider taking.
  3. My journey to California will open many avenues for me, including making industry contacts and gaining a taste of what it’s like to be an independent filmmaker.  This area is very relevant to the issues I will be exploring in regard to modern racism.  Furthermore, the presence of groups such as Black Lives Matter will enable to me to get a feel of the kind of work I want to go into, which is to explore and change perceptions of black people all over the world, starting with the United Kingdom.
  4. I have recently begun to make a lot of time and effort for my photography.  With my recent trips to Barcelona, Munich and Berlin encouraging me to see the beauty of the cities which are quite easily accessible to me.  For me, the photographs are able to capture the moments experienced, which can be interpreted in any way by those viewing it.  I intend for the photography in California to become a significant part of my final project, as contributing pieces of art.

This blog will show my progress in terms of experience and contacts made.  I will also document my own self taught progress such as my skill development in photography.


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