Imagination: Rough Cut & Brief Analysis

Password: imagination

What I find very interesting about the process of producing something to do with imagination, is where my imagination has taken me.  I decided to export this version of a rough cut in order to try and show the process of imagination I have embarked on.

My aim was to produce an abstract piece, following the point of view of a child and exploring his or her imagination using SnapChat filters.  As I began experimenting with the editing, I began to using a lot of different frames.  This was primarily done in order to try and compliment the SnapChat footage format, as the footage appears as vertical, so can be more difficult to work with.  In doing so, my piece began to look more fragmented and abstract, which is the desired look.

However, I am not entirely happy with the way it is looking.  I feel as though this artefact is lacking meaning at the moment…so I am going to find some and express this through the editing process.



The imagination board. Available at: (Accessed: 30 November 2016).

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