Idea 2: How Fear of Injustice can Transform to Destruction: The #BlackLivesMatterMovement

In my previous fear post, I spoke about how I was planning on basing my artefact around the fear minorities have of Donald Trump being president.  However, I have changed my idea and will now be do something archive based, but with a deeper meaning than Trump (in my opinion)  I have more of a connection with the issue I am going to explore in my artefact, the Black Lives Matter Movement.

Recently I have been doing a lot of research about the injustice going on in the United States, so I feel that in doing so I have created more of a connection with the issues of racism living on, despite how far the U.S. had progressed as a country.

Over the course of my research, and just general observation of what we see on the news and on social media, I have noticed that the Black Lives Matter movement has been dictated to civilians since the idea was reintroduced in 2013.  The fear that has been injected black civilians through the use of this slogan has been made pretty apparent through platforms such as social media.  This fear of the police has been injected through constant news coverage of unlawful killings of black people by the police, and  has led to violent protests, police killings and the spread of racial hate in general.  How do these events remember and/or differ from those that took place during the Civil Rights Movement for example?

In my fear artefact, I want to tell a story…but take a different angle on it as opposed to the typical pieces of media we see every day in relation to the movement.  For example, if we look back to the 1950’s during the Civil Rights Movement, the footage shows that there have been a lot of positive dictators such as Martin Luther King and Malcom X.  However now, it seems as though social media and news outlets are the common dictators in society.  I want to make this point clear in my artefact as a way of reminding people that the world is probably even worse than it once was.

From carrying out further research I will be able to solidify my narrative as well as being in a position to identify my aim of the project.  At the moment, I have a wide array of ideas but nothing is coming through strongly enough.



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