Visual & Conceptual Influence

At this point in the process, I have captured some SnapChat footage to begin editing.  However, in order to do so, I had to carry out some research for inspiration.

I came across this amazing piece by PermaGrinFilms called ‘Imagination’(watch here), a stop motion short that aimed to create a sense of nostalgia by tapping into people’s memories and associations through the use of music and powerful visual content.


This piece taps into the memories of childhood, creating a more or less instant feeling of nostalgia. The idea of looking through a photo album from the beginning is a simple, yet effective way of bringing the narrative to life.  The piece also shows their interpretation of the difference in imaginations between adults and children, as well as  showing the journey of the transition of one young boy becoming older and making sense of the world. The character is realizing as an adult, how he was once able to explore his imagination as we tend to “… forget the magic our minds could create.”  I will be researching this point further in another blog post, in terms of how we may become less creative as we get older.

“The best parts of life pass us by so fast. Nostalgia, happiness, laughter; these are all things I most enjoy and I want other people to experience this through the content we create.”

The application of this ideas’ involvement in my artefact could take a more modern take on the process of reminiscence, in introducing the piece as the contents of an iPhone photo gallery in an attempt to create similar feelings for the viewers.

Applying This Influence To My Artefact in ‘The SnapChat Short’

Using the SnapChat filters to create a narrative of my own will be interesting. I want to focus on the use of the things around me that are accessible in every day life that we may not consider to be ways of recording film. I also want to look at what I can do with some of the basic qualities of working with SnapChat clip format during the editing process using Premier Pro.

It will also aim to fit an experimental genre.  Here is a piece of experimental work I filmed and edited last year .


Donahue, M. (2014) PermaGrin films. Available at: (Accessed: 28 November 2016).

PermaGrinFilms (2015) ‘Imagination’ by PermaGrinFilms in 4K. Available at: (Accessed: 28 November 2016).



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