The Progression of a SnapChat Narrative: Imagination


As mentioned before, I will be using my iPhone 6S to create an abstract narrative which will be following a pigmented story of a child’s day/evening.  Perhaps they will be on their way back from school on a cold, gloomy winter’s night.  However,  it could just unravel to become a sequence of nothingness, with no strong narrative set in stone, but enough imagery for viewers to be able to come to their own conclusions in terms of the story that is being told.  This brings me to a point that I thought about as I began the editing process. I am creating an interpretation of a child’s imagination through the use of film…but this could simply be what has been accepted in my mind as the memories children have.  However, cultural differences can have a direct effect on how children use their imagination and the things they imagine to be within their proximity.  This point will end up being a very important aspect of my short film.

By making my piece abstract, I am in a sense saying that a lot of our early memories may be jumbled and perhaps slightly distorted.  Speaking from experience, looking back at my childhood, I remember certain snippets very clearly, whilst others remain blurred and unclear.

By using modernised modes of access to filmmaking that a lot of people don’t realise the benefits (in this case SnapChat), I aim for the level of distortion to take place during both the filming process as well as the editing process.  The presence of these filters should allow me to do so, and I will be enhancing the use of colour during the editing process…along with other factors which will help me create my experimental abstract narrative about children’s imagination..



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