Introduction to my Imagination Artefact: Ideas

Imagination is quite a difficult thing to interpret into media for the simple fact that there are so many avenues which I could have taken in producing something around the theme.

My initial idea turned to my use of SnapChat, as the app have recently released new filters which in a sense ‘animates our boring reality’ ( Nov. 8th)

“World Lenses” were released in early November for all SnapChat users to enjoy, allowing users to apply a filter to the world around them.  This was the main motivation behind my project, as I wanted to explore what narrative I was able to create from the use of these.  These filters are essentially overlays, which I find myself demonstrating often in my editing.

From this point, I decided to just go out with my iPhone 6S and see what I could shoot with the use of my own imagination.  At this point, I didn’t really have much direction,  I just wanted to experiment and see where I could progress with the visual results.


This is one of the first photographs I took using the filter sparked the idea of creating an abstract experimental piece portraying the imagination of children.  Therefore, I began to proceed with my research around the topic.


Carman, A. (2016) Snapchat’s new update animates our boring reality. Available at: (Accessed: 28 November 2016).

Featured Image:


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