Shaka Sankofa: The Script


“ I ‘member my Pops used to cook up alllll that steak…(scoffs) only for himself though, pshhht…tough ass nigga.

All those potatoes man, gravy…smell so good my nostrils be dancin’ over by the damn TV.   Never took my eyes off that screen though, lil’ nigga like me never look over…too scared of my tough ass Daddy.

I always told myself as a boy I’d get my own steak one day…make sure my son eat first though, yeah… for sure.


“Boy what you staring for? Go check on yo’ Momma, go to bed or somethin’. I don’t wanna hear nothin’ ”…(slightly lower tone) “Don’t wanna hear nothin’ boy…” (Imitates his father) That bottle of whiskey…seemed to be never ending when I was a kid…till I realised he just drank them like Kool-Aid sachets. Replaced it up to four times a day some weeks.

See this the shit I be thinkin’ bout when they ask me what I wanna eat man…But I can either reminisce about how bad my Daddy was, or I can lay here thinkin’ bout the justice system.

You know people, family be askin’; how you gon’ let them do this? But what the hell am I supposed to do? I hear all the stories man. One guy tried to cheat the system and take all his pills just before his ‘big day’. Nigga was dead… Still flew him to the fuckin’ hospital to bring him back though…you see that shit? Crazy. He was a cold ass motherfucker though.

I did some bad shit, but I ain’t ever kill nobody…not like my Pops. Yeah I was a drop out, guess that just made it easier for ‘em…Bush ain’t tryna hear shit from anyone at this point, mind already made up. ‘Justice’ he says. (scoffs)   A single ‘witness’ (sarcastic tone) can sure as hell fuck up a lot of shit for brothers like me.

19 years old I got brought here, 19 years old. Damn…and you know what I finally realised by the age of 36?




“I would like to say that I did not kill Bobby Lambert. I’m an innocent black man that is being murdered. This is a lynching that is happening in America tonight.” – Shaka Sankofa. Declined Last Supper

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